Badwater Ultra Marathon Movie Trailer

  • "Mission Possible Badwater" Movie Trailer
    The movie trailer of a 60-minute long documentary film by Heather Spencer. This film shows the incredible journey of 65 year-old (at race time) Hawaii resident, Don Fallis as he participates in the 2007 Badwater Ultra Marathon. This is a 135 mile long race through Death Valley in July.

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February 15, 2007


Bob Murphy

It takes an incredible individual to run Badwater...and Don is an incredible individual. You're an inspiration partner - go for it!

Slow & Cold Bob

Wendy, RTS Trainee & "Legend"

What a great first week!!! I can't wait to hear the next rock, Coach!!

Paul Sibley

Never a doubt when it comes to Don. He'll finish with a smile as always. Go get 'em Don and enjoy the journey there and back. - Paul

Judy Carluccio

Don, I look forward to reading about your killer training! You are such an inspiration. I just wish I could be there to help you get ready for such an awesome event!


When an amazing man DOES somthing equally amazing, it makes the people who loves and care about him want to show their gratitude for all that he has done for them. So please accept our (in my case) small contributions as a way of thanking YOU for being YOU!!!!!!

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