Badwater Ultra Marathon Movie Trailer

  • "Mission Possible Badwater" Movie Trailer
    The movie trailer of a 60-minute long documentary film by Heather Spencer. This film shows the incredible journey of 65 year-old (at race time) Hawaii resident, Don Fallis as he participates in the 2007 Badwater Ultra Marathon. This is a 135 mile long race through Death Valley in July.

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January 21, 2009



What Don failed to mention was that he calmed me down at mile 80, knowing exactly the right thing to say to me to keep me going. Don has been an inspiration to me since I paced him at HURT in 2004 when he continued on even though he became crooked on the trail because of his back. He didn't complain once, even though I knew he was in pain. Don further inspired me with his amazing performance at Badwater and, of course, even more so with his fight against cancer this past year. No way was I quitting when he told me to keep going. It brought tears to me eyes to read what he wrote about me at HURT this year as I love, respect and admire him so much.


and what many do not know is that just a few years ago, the Hurt course scared the hell out of Judy, especially the muddy slippery trail at night.
it just wasn't her race.
but getting her to pace me and become more comforatble being out there made a huge difference.
when she finished the 100K last yr., we all knew she could push thru the 100m.
And she did.
Her finish this year, official or not, is a respectable finish.
most would have dropped.
she was determined to conquer the beast, and she did.
Be proud Judy, we all are of you.



I had the privilege of getting paced by Judy during the race for about 33 miles. Yes, I was supposed to be her pacer during the dark hours, but it was she that kept me going. Judy was more concerned about my well-being than her own. I was always worried about her time but I never was in much doubt that she would finish the 100. I joined her fresh at mile 40 (40 for her - zero for me) and did my best to keep up with her on the uphills (something I only accomplished for the first leg of the first loop). About 32 miles into it, I knew I was not going to be able to go on after the next stop at Jackass Ginger and was trying to figure out how to break the news to Judy as we approached the stream crossing. I kept thinking about the David Goggins video about looking for an open door to go through but I could not find one. I finally just told Judy outright that I was finished and was devastated at her finishing up the fourth loop by herself. She was surprisingly upbeat and said, "That's OK, all I have is a marathon to go." Wow - that after over 70 miles! It was then that I was absolutely convinced that she would finish. She spent hardly any time at Jackass Ginger and then took off again to finish up that last marathon. I can see how she would have been shaken after that 4th loop, but I can imagine that when she went up Hogsback for the last time, she had a determined smile. My thanks to Judy for helping me equal my trail distance record - and at night at that! Cheers, Dan


Hi Don and the HURT Family! David & I were glued to the live race updates and really missed being there. Thanks so much for thinking about us. David wanted to hear more stories Don and I wanted another try at the course. I hope you are doing well. Are you heading to CA in July this summer? Take care--Jamie & David

Don Fallis

Hi Jamie & David !

Hopefully we will see the two of you in January 2010 for the 10th Anniversary of the HURT 100. That would make that special event even more special. In the mean time, I'll be watching to see your name on the list of Badwater entrants...returning to defend your title. How exciting ! I plan to try to be there to volunteer, if Chris Kostman needs me, so hopefully I'll see you and David there. Thanks again for all your wonderful support. All the best ! Aloha ! Don

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